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We pride ourselves in providing a warm, relaxed welcome to all our events. By creating an approachable atmosphere we feel it gives our clients the best possible chance of getting the very best out of the event and expanding their knowledge.

We arrange all different types of events, seminars and conferences.

We invite other trainers for open minded discussions, train the trainer days and world class guest trainers.

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How to start your agility training journey


So, you want to be a Dog Trainer in Agility?

This event is aimed at trainers and other professionals who train dogs and already train / or want to train agility.
It is also very useful for all other types of dog training and if you do not wish to attend the demo session on agility then the cost is reduced.

Alternatively if you just want to come along as an education tool for yourself then you are also welcome to expand your knowledge on the foundations of agility.

As always we seek to improve our services at all times and we have changed the format of the day slightly, we now include aspects of positive mindset, client emotions/behaviours and how it affects their dogs as well as the usual reward/reinforcement and H&S
As always trainers from other clubs are welcomed as a group.

New date coming soon..
Day will include:

  • Observation Session – agility foundations and theories
  • Questions / Answer Session
  • Theory – Managing Mindset
  • Theory – Reward/Reinforcement
  • Theory – H&S for dogs and clients
  • Certificate of Attendance

Cost £175 per delegate

*****Event will be Covid-safety guidelines compliant*****
If in the event of any Covid specific issues such as local lockdown, this event is not able to go ahead directly then it will be delivered virtually in its entirety.

Events Schedule

Choose from events schedule BELOW and book in advance for your upcoming events.

Currently this is only available for those in GMT timezone and English speaking.

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Specific requests

Training & services

So, you require the training & services of our Head Trainer?

Managing Director of ECLS Emma Jane is  available for guest speaking & training, for a variety of seminarss, conferences & training days.

A regular at Crufts and Team GB member for agility. She is also available for guest trainer days at your venue.

Please email your request to our booking office…



books & courses

‘Together we can achieve’

‘Improving mindsets to increase confidence’


So, you want to ‘run it like you stole it?’

This workshop is totally unique as we explore both you and your dogs behaviour-you must be open-minded to attend!

Have you ever wondered if your dogs behaviour is linked to your behaviour?

Are you confused as to how to behave in certain situations?

This interactive workshop is completely bespoke and the content is set up at the beginning of the session to the attendees wishes.

  • Are you struggling with appeasement behaviour in agility (Training or otherwise?)
  • Are you struggling with your dogs behaviours at home ?
  • Could your behaviours be linked?

This workshop is best organised by clubs and training organisations and hosted directly by them – please get in touch using the button below. From time to time we host ourselves so please dont hesitate to request.

“Thanks so much to Emma for bringing her smile and positive attitude to our mindset workshop. Every person that attended has told me they picked up some fabulous tips about how to improve their mindset and were given numerous ideas to help resolve issues they are facing concerning their dogs. I personally have already used so much information. I recommend this course to anyone, even if you feel you are already in a very positive mindset, I’m pretty sure you will still go away feeling highly motivated. It was relaxed, friendly, sad but also funny. A fantastic evening.”

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*****Event will be Covid-safety guidelines compliant*****

If in the event of any Covid specific issues such as local lockdown, this event is not able to go ahead directly then it will be delivered virtually in its entirety.

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