Pet Dog Obedience Training

Dog training classes are currently held at Hadleigh Methodist Church, in Hadleigh Essex.


Classes are operated in a fun and relaxed way and you will be made to feel welcome.  We also will teach you lots of methods to ensure a well mannered pet at home away from training.


The basic pet dog obedience class is a must for all those wishing to achieve a balanced pet at home.

Essex Dog Training prides itself on small classes and places are limited and must be booked in advance.


Course & Price Information

PUPPY CLAS​S (when available)

8 week course £96


Suitable for puppies up to 16 weeks old, includes socialisation, basic good manners and simple obedience.


8 week course £96

Suitable for all age of dogs that are embarking on training for the first time. Covering all aspects of basic obedience and to start you on your journey to a well mannered pup, including recall, lead walking, calming behaviours, waiting, sit, down, leave and drop.



8 week blocks  £96

Suitable for dogs of all ages that have completed basic obedience with any training school and have a good temperament for off lead work.  Off lead obedience will be achievable on this course.


8 week blocks  £96

Once off lead obedience has been achieved you will progress to this class and will learn tricks, basic heel work to music, scent work, distance control and much more.

Class Schedule & Bookings

Tuesday:       6.45pm -    Basic

                      7.45pm -    Intermediate

                      8.45pm -    Advanced

Wednesday: 1pm -         Basic

                      2pm -         Intermediate/Advanced


Training made easy for people with busy lifestyles


 Courses and resources for all levels of agility competitors, including total beginners.


Educational resources for all pet dog owners or anyone interested in furthering their knowledge.


Learning resources for trainers and other canine professionals and a list of approved EDT professionals.

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