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Pet Dog Ownership

Bronze Level

An essential foundation course for pet dog owners. Suitable for all dogs requiring basic training, covers good manners at home, lead walking, recall and much more. This course is not suitable for dogs showing any sign of aggression - this will require a home visit from your local behaviourist. We thoroughly recommend purchase of the trainer support bolt-on if you are training your dog for the first time. On completion, in order to receive your certificate a diary, videos and photographic evidence will be required.

Price £96.00


"Emma is a fellow trainer whose online course has given me numerous fresh ideas on dog training.  Emma is a pleasure to work with" 

Paul Lasky Dog Training


Pet Dog Ownership

Silver Level

An essential foundation course for pet dog owners.

Price £96.00


Trainer Support


An essential learning tool for guided education for all our online courses.

Price £65.00

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Kipp's Top Puppy Tips 

Top tips for welcoming your new pup into your home.

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So Your Dog Barks

A well written reproduction of our popular barking dog seminars. Explore why your dog barks, when barking is a good thing and what you can do to try and reduce your dogs barking. An easy to understand well written publication that will have you smiling at your own actions that could inadvertently be causing your dogs barking to increase. Can be purchased with trainer bolt on if required.

This course does not cover barking dogs when left alone - for this we recommend you contact your local positive trainer.

Price £25.00 - Introductory offer for Black Friday !!!


Owning A Puppy The first 8 weeks

An essential training guide to your pups first 8 weeks at home

By Emma Jane Essex Dog Training

Price from £6.99