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Pup Pre-Vaccination Welcome Home Visit

There is no rush to get your dog into classes. The prevention of any issues starting at home is by far the most important thing.

This one-off pup welcome home visit will cover all the basics you will need and will be tailor made to you and your family.


We will cover all the standard things you need to know plus answer any questions you may have - saving hours trawling the internet.

Covers toilet training, prevention of nipping, socialisation, home integration, child/dog interaction, other animals/dog interaction, basic recall and good manners, and much more..

50% deposit is required on booking. Cancellation Terms Apply. Pup welcome home pack included.

Pup Welcome Home Bundle

This package is suitable for those that want to go the extra step. Your first visit will be our usual pre-vaccination home visit and then we will subsequently arrange two visits approx. 3 weeks apart for one hour to continue with some more formal training and support.


The purpose of these visits is to continuously support you through the early days at home and training your pup to the standard you require or that is accepted as a family pet.


We will answer any questions you have, and continuously support you through the early days at home. You will also have access to our closed Facebook support group which is for clients only.


50% deposit is required on booking. Cancellation Terms Apply, Pup welcome home pack included.

Puppy Nanny Service            (this can also be adapted for older dogs)

£45 per 2 hour visit (£35 for 1 hour)

Too often people turn to unqualified professionals to visit their dog. Your visit will be carried out by a qualified dog trainer.

This service can be used as little or as often as you require and can be done either with or without you present (so could be used as an add on from the pup welcome home bundle).

This will be a two hour visit including a socialisation walk (slings will be used if un-vaccinated - dependent on), early recall, loose lead walking and good manners will be trained by our qualified trainers.

Your trainer will have an up-to-date public liability insurance certificate, canine first aid and be DRB checked.

You can receive updates by text on your visit, and with your agreement you can follow your pups visit on our Instagram package.

50% deposit is required on booking. Cancellation Terms Apply. Pup welcome home pack included.

Behaviour Correction Assessment Visit

The correction of behaviour can be a long process which could require a number of visits/follow up appointments.

This initial visit is for assessment purposes. Very often the behaviour being displayed that is causing you concern is a bi-product / symptom of another course. Essex Dog Training prides itself in offering a bespoke unique service. We will work with you to holistically get to the bottom of the course and come up with a training package suited to you all.

We will carry out a full assessment of your dog and home life and a training plan will be discussed and itemised with you. This will be emailed to you with a training plan and support will be offered via our Facebook group.

We have a network of professionals who we regularly work with and this assures you of the very best, most up to date information at all times.

50% deposit is required on booking. Visit will often be around and above 2 hours.

Cancellation Terms Apply.

Behaviour Correction Bundle

Due to the nature of the work, we have limited spaces for this service and will only take a set number of dogs at any one time.

The bundle will start with our full assessment visit as detailed above and then two further one hour long visits to your home a minimum of three weeks apart.

This will give you on going support at home to ensure that the training package is suiting your dog needs and requirements. You will also be able to ask questions via our what’s app service as direct support.

As you and your dog progress through the journey, the training plan will need to be tweaked and adjusted.

50% deposit is required on booking. Cancellation Terms Apply.

One-To-One Training 
£25 per hour/£15 per half hour

A private session tailor made for you at our private venue. Can cover an array of basic minor behaviour issues including recall, loose lead walking, chase/predatory issues, and focus.

An excellent follow on to any of our home visit services or as a stand alone service.

These are also available for those just wanting to have fun with their dog and can cover trick certificates, obedience certificates and agility.

50% deposit is require on booking. Cancellation Terms Apply.

Assisted Training Walks
£35 per hour

These 1-2-1 sessions are excellent additional training and support for you. We can visit a rentable field (at your cost), to work on recall and also cover any issues you may be experiencing on walks.

If behaviour is considered extreme a home behaviour correction assessment will be carried out initially.

Club Agility Provision - Improvement Package
Dog Walkers/Trainee Trainer Mentoring Service


Email for more details...

Dog Walking/Home Support


Prices available on request. Please contact us to discuss further.

External Trainers

We often invite trainers from specific areas of interest to hold workshops.

Other Events

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