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Reducing the rate of dogs being rescued through education in the community.

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Originally founded in 2012 by Emma Jane, as Essex Dog Training. Emma set up her small training establishment with the sole intent of  trying to educate people to try and reduce the ever increasing rate of dogs ending up in rescue through lack of knowledge. This ethos has remained solid throughout.

In 2021 Emma Jane took the business to its next generation by opening Essential Canine Life Skills Ltd. By dividing the UK into franchisable territories, she was able to ensure continuity of quality of service with a recognised brand and business model priding itself in customer service and quality of dog training.

Essential Canine Life Skills Dog Training books and courses have enabled a platform for all pet dog owners worldwide to take the responsibility to educate themselves and taking ownership for their dogs’ issues. Emma Jane has driven this from the front in her drive to educate more people.

You are now able to access our basic pet dog learning programme through your preferred platform. Whether you like reading books, watching videos or working with trainers in real time or virtual platforms this is now possible from anywhere in the world.  There is simply no excuse to not educate yourself and train your dog. Together we can achieve balanced dogs and our new franchise local business trainers can carry forward the same passion that Emma Jane has had from day one.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to help to try and educate as many dog owners as possible in order to help reduce the rate of dogs into rescue through lack of knowledge.

Emma Jane, the resources she has developed & the franchise dog training areas are invested in helping their local communities to be a safer more harmonious place for humans and dogs to co-habit together. They all work tirelessly together with other pet professionals in order to educate as many as people as possible.




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