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Welcome to the world of dog training excellence.

We have an elite selection of dog training academy courses each with Trainer Support Bolt-on included. Don’t forget to scroll right down for links to our award winning book series!

The courses are aimed at pet dog owners who want to achieve amazing behaviours with their dogs but can’t attend regular class for whatever reason.

All our courses carry our very own certificates of completion, meaning that these courses can also be completed by dog walkers, trainee trainers, and other professionals wishing to further their knowledge. In this instance, the professional can train a dog that is not owned by them as proof of completion. Written owners permission will be required before certificate is issue.

The Essential Canine Skills Support Booklets has been developed to help pet dog owners with small specific issues they may be having or for help when bringing a pup or dog into a new home. These are not certified and if trainer assistance is required this will incur an additional cost and can be arranged via one of our virtual sessions or with a direct trainer.

Online Courses

Certificate in Amazing Recall


Emma Jane

Certificate in Loose Lead Walking



Emma Jane

How to Stop Your Dog Barking



Emma Jane

Basic Certificate in Pet Dog Obedience


Emma Jane

Essex Dog Training - Successful Crate Training - Cover Image

Successful Crate Training


Emma Jane

Essex Dog Training - Training Guides - Creating Confident Independent Dogs - Cover Image

Creating Confident, Independent Dogs


Emma Jane

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Buy our amazing lifetime membership and get instant access to all our online courses, support material and all courses we add in future, forever!

Lifetime members also receive exclusive offers and discounts for our other products and services.

Books & publications

The Essential Canine Life Skills Book Series was the birth child of Emma Jane (Managing Director,  Owner of Essential Canine Life Skills and Head Trainer at 3 of our Essex based franchises) during the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020.

As dog owner’s life habits changed and they moved online for help she wanted a set of resources that reached the top enquiries, that was easily obtainable and affordable.

The books are simply written and easy to understand. The methods used are positive and proven to be effective for all pet dog owners.

The Essential Canine Life Skills Series reaches the very heart of pet dog training and by purchasing the set of 5 you could give your dog essential skills for life.

Give your dog the books he would choose.

Essential Canine Life Skills Book SERIES

ECLS - 1 Great Puppy Cover

A Great Puppy

See More

Let Emma show you how to achieve the success she’s had with hundreds of owners and their dogs.

This step-by-step training guide for new and experienced owners alike will walk you through the steps of welcoming your new puppy into your home, and set them on the path to become a sociable, friendly, and well-adapted dog.

ECLS - 2 Amazing Basic Training Cover

Amazing Basic Training

See More

Book Two in the ‘Essential Canine Life Skills Series’ is the perfect foundation to kick off your dog’s training journey.

In this book, you’ll discover:

• The steps to teach basic obedience – sit, down, leave, and more
• How to teach your dog great household  manners
• How to build a solid foundation for ALL your future training
• The secret to enjoying your dog at home, and on walks

This must-have book for all dog owners will help you lay the foundations that will allow you and your dog to live in harmony.

Buy now and become the trainer your dog has always wanted!

ECLS - 4 Incredible Dog Recall Cover

Incredible Dog Recall

See More

Do you want to turn your pooch from runaway rascal to recalling superstar?

Do you wish your dog would come back when you call them? Or perhaps you’re too worried to let them off lead.

This step-by-step training guide for new and experienced owners alike will walk you through the process of creating a reliable recall with your dog, and turn your walks into a fun and relaxing time for your both.

Packed with information on how to motivate your dog to return to you every time using kind and compassionate methods.

So, You Want Incredible Dog Recall will show you how to teach and maintain your dog’s reliable recall using clear, easy to follow language.

Buy now and never worry about your dog not coming back again!

ECLS - 3 Fantastic Loose Lead Walking Cover

Fantastic Loose-Lead Walking

See More

Do you want to turn your pooch from charging rhino to strolling superstar?

Do you dream of being able to enjoy a nice walk with your dog, without them trying to drag you down the road?

This step-by-step training guide for new and experienced owners alike will take you through the process of training your dog to walk nicely on the lead, and turn your walks into a fun and relaxing time for your both.

Packed with information on how to train your dog not to pull, and how to select the right equipment to set you up for success.

So, You Want Fantastic Loose Lead Walking will show you how to teach and maintain perfect leash manners using clear, easy to follow language.

Buy now and start enjoying walkies time again!

Your Dog To Stop Barking

See More

Do you want to turn your barking dog from barky dinosaur to quiet pooch?

Is your dog’s barking the bane of your neighbourhood?

By exploring behaviours and the interactions between you and your best friend, you will be able to start the process of bringing peace and quiet to your household.

Packed with information on why your dog barks and how to stop them.

So, You Want to Stop Your Dog Barking will show you get the quiet dog you’ve always dreamed of using clear, easy to follow language.

Buy now and start living the quiet life!

About the author.

Emma Jane is a qualified dog trainer with many years of experience helping hundreds of dog-owner partnerships achieve their potential.

In 2012 she took her passion to a new level, founding Essex Dog Training to share her ethos of building harmonious partnerships through compassion and understanding.

Emma has always had a strong connection with dogs, and she has competed with her dogs at the international dog show Crufts, earning her place on the podium, which she credits to the incredible bond they share.

‘ I hope you enjoy reading my series as much as I enjoyed writing & creating them.

These are dedicated to all the dogs I have met through the years that taught me so much.’

Emma Jane

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The Essential Canine Life Skills series was the birth child of Emma Jane to try and help slow down the rate of dogs through lack of education. The books give a more affordable and flexible option for those people who may not be able to attend classes for any reason …..

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