Life After Lockdown

by | Feb 18, 2021

It seems a life time ago since this pandemic started…


And yet here we are eagerly anticipating the announcement on Monday from our amazing Prime Minster, and hoping we will all be back to doing all those things we love very soon.


But think for a moment how your dog will feel?


How many of those gym visits, or lunches would your dog of attended with you whilst in the comfort of your own home gathered round a screen with the family? How many times have you picked him up in pride in front of the camera to show him off to your family?


How much would your dog have been a part of your life?


I have a vision of our dogs sitting on the edge of their chairs on Monday, their heads in their hands, literally sobbing into their beds – thinking they are about to watch their worse horror movie! Ok to that might be a little imaginative but think how you felt when you were told you weren’t allowed out!


Have you started thinking about what life will be like after lockdown for your dog? How much is their life going to change? How long will they be alone? How prepared and confident are they for this time alone?


More importantly have you started to prepare your dogs for this.


If not you need to start this NOW!


It could take a considerable amount of time for some dogs to build up slowly to just a few hours out at lunch for you.


You need to ask yourselves some questions RIGHT now!


  • How often do you leave your dog? And for how long?
  • Is it used to being alone in the house?
  • Does it have a quiet, safe area it considers its own?
  • Is your dog receiving enough training, mental stimulation, exercise and alone time?
  • How confident is your dog?


All of these things are important for a dog to feel secure when left in the house alone.


You cannot delay this process.


We have been working with all our clients for the last month or so, gently reminding them of the time it can take to prepare their amazing family friend for life after lockdown. We mentored a team of professionals recently to help prepare them also, the more people we can educate now the more we can help our furry friends prepare for life after lockdown.


We have gently nudged all our customers to ensure they are all out of the house at times without their dog and been able to support them through any difficult times.


We are far better equipped to support anyone NOW if problems arise than we will be once Boris allows us all out!


Please take the time now to think about your faithful family pet and start preparing him even if you think you wont be back to normal until 6 months time, the more work you put in now the more it can help in the future.


Always putting our furry friends first

Emma Jane

Head Trainer and Owner






About the Author

Emma Jane

Emma Jane

Qualified as a dog trainer in 2013 with the Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour. She holds a City and Guild PTLLS qualification in teaching for the Life Long Learning Sector and has over 10 years teaching experience covering a wealth of subjects and ages.Emma's experience enables her to accurately read both the dog and the human behaviour and the psychology behind the partnership. These observational skills and her quick thinking will often give fast results to difficult situations. Emma has achieved phenomenal agility success with all 3 of her dogs competing successfully.Herbie, her 8 year old Poodle cross, has competed at Crufts, Discover Dogs and numerous other finals and has represented Great Britain on two separate occasions.Her younger dog Kipp also a Poodle cross has been podium placed several times including 2nd place in the Novice Cup at Crufts 2019 and is now competing at KC Champ level.
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