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Essex Dog Training – Rochford franchise is a small local dog training business offering classes, 1-2-1 behaviour support and much more.

Established in 2022 Emma’s official career started under the watchful eye of Emma Jane in the Castlepoint area. Since then, she has acquired an amazing reputation for delivering fun and joyful training, with the emphasis on it fitting into peoples’ busy lifestyles. It was a natural progression for her to start her own area in Essex. Her experience lies with owning large dog breeds however, she is equally comfortable working with our smaller fluffy pups. Emma specialises in a combination of positive reinforcement, concept training and traditional obedience, helping clients build great relationships with their dogs.

Whichever class you sign up for you can guarantee that you and your dog will be treated as one of the Essex Dog Training family.

This Franchise is approved by ECLS Limited to carry out all our standard brand services.

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