So……Your pup wakes up too early

by | Feb 22, 2024

So……Your pup wakes up too early

If you have a dog that won’t sleep through the night

Oh my gosh I hear your plight

Set an alarm came into my head

Could it work my inner voice said ???

4.15am was her chosen get up

4.20am an alarm was set up

At 4.15 she started her screams

I let her scream until 4.20 so rudely awoken from dreams

She soon caught on I was not getting out of bed

So the time of my alarm was reset

An extra 5 minutes was added every couple of days

I think I was winning through my sleepy haze

One month on and 7am is my chosen wake up

But spring is coming and earlier I like to get up

I’m not sure if we will always need that alarm

But I have it in my tool box if needed and it’s worked like a charm


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Candisse Cameron

Candisse Cameron

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