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This page contains branded class teaching modules, assessments & certificates you may need for your business.

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Customer Documents

Customer Registration Medical Form

Customer Payment Instructions

Direct Training T&Cs

Behaviour Correction Form

Risk Assessment Form Example

Class Assessments

Individual Class Assessments


Obedience Well Mannered Puppy Level Assessment

Obedience Bronze Level Assessment

Obedience Silver Level Assessment

Obedience Gold Level Assessment


Tricks Apprentice Level Assessment

Tricks Graduate Level Assessment

Tricks Pro Level Assessment

Tricks Master Level Assessment


Individual Certificates

Bronze Level Award in Obedience

Silver Level Award in Obedience

Gold Level Award in Obedience

Children's Classes

Fox Level Award (Well Mannered)

Dingo Level Award (Bronze Obedience)

Jackal Level Award (Silver Obedience)

Wolf Level Award (Gold Obedience)

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